Saturday, 22 April 2017

Don't Think About Purple Elephants by Susan Whelan and Gwenneth Jones (Children's, Picture book, 10E/10E)

6th April 2017, EK Books, 32 pages, Paperback, Review copy, 

Summary from EK Books 
Sometimes Sophie worries — not during the day when she is busy with family and friends, but at night when everything is calm and quiet. Her family all try to help, but somehow they just make her worries worse. Until her mother thinks of a new approach … that might just involve an elephant or two!

Nayu's thoughts
While this book is aimed at children it's a brilliant read for adults with worries too. Everyone needs coping methods for worries. Sophie is fine when she is busy and distracted, but trying to sleep means no distractions so the thoughts whirl in her head. 

Whenever someone says don't do something, most people then want to do it. It’s impossible not to think of purple elephants when seeing the title (not only because there are some on the cover), so Sophie gets purple elephants doing fun things with personalities. I loved the bright illustrations which depict Sophie's unease and amusement well. Those purple elephants made me smile, as did the plot twist on the last page which reveals how wonderful imagination is. A must read for everyone! 

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