Thursday, 9 March 2017

Nayu's Gaming Time #5 Fun with Miku-chan #1

Due to having limited online time today I'm posting this early and fast, so am not putting up a review. Pretty much all my gaming posts will have 2 #s to indicate they are a gaming post and what game I'm referring to (as there will be more than 1 post on each game). I hope that's not too confusing for you! 

Miku is so cute in all her forms!
Years ago I came across the super cute Hatsune Miku, aka Miku-chan! She is a vocaloid, a singer whose voice is created using software rather than having a human voice. You can find out more on the semi-accurate Wikipedia page. She isn't the only vocaloid, but she's very popular in Japan (where she was created). Anyone who can understand the software can create music with her and her friends, which is why there are thousands of songs by her. 

The amount of fanart is incredible - I love how some have given her a modest make-over, keeping the essence of Miku with Islamic fashion!
I initially liked her because she looks adorable. She is famous for her twin ponytale hairstyle, mostly green, although it can change colour and style depending what outfit she is wearing: the most obvious being pink for the sakura outfit and blue for winter/magical outfits. 

I ran out of time to find her season outfits, but this is one of her magic outfits with blue hair! The winter ones have cute snowflakes in it. ^o^
I discovered her video games a few years back, but was so abysmal on them I didn't play them until I rediscovered her last year on Nintendo 3DS. It's a basic rhythm game, you hit the buttons that appear on the screen while listening to her songs. I will go into the games in more detail, but thanks to a lot of practice on the 3DS I can finally play on her playstation games, Project Diva! Sadly I don't have a PS4 so no Future Tone for me (which looks unbelievably amazing), Project F & F2 is suiting me just fine. 
I wanted a screenshot of the Project F gameplay but ran out of time so here's a cute Miku fanart!

I didn't know that one of my favourite pictures that I like to use on this blog and is currently a screen wallpaper is of Miku!!! Discovered it in a Miku picture search this week.
Let me know if  you like Miku, as I'd love to share my passion for her with you!

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