Monday, 6 March 2017

Nayu's Gaming Time #4 Adventure in Disney Magic Castle 2 #1

Apologies if you're confused by the title, I don't have heaps of energy today and couldn't think of a better way to phrase this post. It's the first of hopefully many more adventures in the awesome Disney life simulation games Disney Magic Castle 1 & 2.  Yes there are 2 versions of the game, which are quite different to each other. Both are magical! 

Note: sorry for poor photo quality, I tend to take pics with my tablet camera. 

Think Animal Crossing New Leaf only with Disney characters and themes! You have to get items, both from growing them with Rabbit in Winnie the Pooh's world, around the Castle grounds, and also through the mostly unscary dungeons with monsters. I say mostly because in DMC v2 there's Wonderland, a world which royally freaks me out. I'm only playing it when I have to! 
Me with Princess Jasmine hair with Donald, Goofy, Mickey, Minnie & Daisy!
I've been resting a lot the past week since I went to Devon - still not fully recovered from it, but getting there slowly. It's meant a lot of gaming which is great as the game keeps becoming more amazing. At the moment I'm focused on DMC v2, but I know I'll switch to DMC v1. I recommend both versions because they use different worlds and honestly it's like playing two different games. Yes sometimes I try and do something in one game which can only be done in the other, but the magic of Disney makes everything brilliant. I'm currently trying to collect all my favourite clothes, which caused my family to wonder what I was 'oh'-ing about last night. 

THEY HAVE TINKERBELL!!!!!! Well, the outfit, not seen Tink herself as there isn't a Peter Pan world. No, I don't have enough items for it yet. I'm not showing them all today but there's also Belle's famous yellow dress (Beauty and the Beast) and Anna's cape outfit (Frozen).
In game shot of Anna with that cape. Love it!!!
I also got to change my aura! (yes I'm probably thinking of Aikatsu but that's the best way I can explain it.) First I chose this pattern of stars, and it turns out I haven't yet taken a picture of the newest aura which is super cute flowers! I've also got the Mickey/Minnie face outline, which I've got on DMC v1. 

Me with diamond sparkles, wearing a gothic lolita style outfit near Ariel's world's gate! (The Little Mermaid) which I unlocked yesterday much to my delight. Being a mermaid is AMAZING!!!!!
Then I discovered how the whole friendship points work  - I thought it was every new outfit that people can give me thumbs up (20 friendship points), but it's every entire outfit (so everything from the same theme). That helped in getting enough points to unlock the Tinkerbell outfit.
Now that I've also discovered that in DMC v2 (not DMC v1) you can see what rewards you can get in a dungeon before you entire it, it will be easier to find specific items to unlock outfits at least in 1 one of the games. 
Action not words are needed to pull Pooh out! We succeeded!
Something I should have mentioned at the start, I think the game is called something else in English. I can't remember what, I play on the Japanese version so have got an approximate translation of the title. You don't actually need to know Japanese to play this version (it's if you have a JP 3DS which I do) - I do know enough to read and understand most of it, but I play when I'm tired & don't want to make my brain work. I simply make up the dialogue in my head and whizz through the scenes. Judging from when I have been bothered to read it, my version is just as fun as the original. I don't really miss anything, I still do what I want. 

Next time I hope to post about the order I do things when I play the games! That's it for now though. I'd love to hear if you play it too! 

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