Friday, 24 February 2017

Daisy Darling, Let's Have Lunch! by Marcus Majalouma (Children's, Picture book, 5 years +, 10/10E)

 September 2016, Pikku publishing, 32 pages, Hardback, Review copy, 

Summary from Pikku Publishing (love the name! Sound Japanese ^o^) 
In this funny tale of family life, it’s lunch-time, and Daddy discovers that Daisy doesn’t like carrots. It seems that vegetables are not her favourite food! What will Daddy do? Will lunch-time be fun or fraught? 

Nayu's thoughts 
While the illustrations aren't quite my style, I was intrigued the how Daisy's dad would help her eat her lunch, and I wasn't disappointed. The illustrations aren't what I call cute but they had me looking at them closely. There's much to look at, with the inside covers changing from the front to the back accordin to what happens in the story. 

There be carrots! Lots and lots and lots! Daisy isn't fond of carrots, at least not the way her dad initially introduces them. Her reaction to various food (with quirky vegetable people illustrations) made me think how we as adukts explain anything to children. For eating food I've heard a variety of explanations similar to the ones Daisy's dad uses, and on reflection they could be very off putting! I'm not a parent, so can't test what method works best, but Daisy's dad makes a brilliant invention (which is hinted at in the inside cover pages) certainly makes food fun for Daisy! 

This is the 1st book that I've read of the charming series (It's book #3) and it won't be my last! This review did get lost in my inbox (stupid software) but it's out now! 

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Susan Wilander said...

Hi Nayu! It's so nice to see a Finnish book reviewed here! Markus Majaluoma's children's books are very popular in Finland, although I have to agree with you, the illustration style is a bit peculiar. :-)

As you liked the publisher's name, Pikku, did you know it means Small/Tiny in Finnish? ;-) I wonder if the publisher has some connection with Finland...