Saturday, 18 June 2011

A little under the weather

I'm not feeling amazing this morning, so I'm going to relax with books and dvds. Here's a picture of one of my favourite anime, Aria the animation. From left to right you have Ma - she's the president of Orange company (the cat), and child progedy Alice, who makes Prima history by going from pair (2 gloves, trainee) to prima, missing out being a single (one glove, still a trainee but with more skill than pair). Pink haired girl is Akari, the only trainee in Aria company (which only has one prima but that's the appeal of it), with the Aria president. Then you've got Aika, the daughter of the owners of the huge Himeya company, with the Himeya president. This is an awesome anime which is uplifting, makes you feel better just by watching it, and looks at a variety of issues in an idyllic setting.

Hopefully by relaxing (which means no writing reviews, no writing my wips) today, I'll zap away those germ gremlins pronto.