Saturday, 24 December 2016

Getting there slowly

Hi all! I'm back online! The internet was bad for a few days, then I came down with a cold. Still got it, thought I'd turned a corner but looks like I haven't. So I'm resting lots, have only just started to look at emails (from a week ago...) and will get back to you soon. Enjoy the holiday season if you're taking part in it, take care and stay germ free!


DMS said...

Hope you were feeling better for the holidays! It stinks to get a cold. Everyone I was surrounded with was sick during all the festivities and I have been trying to keep illness at bay.

Hope 2017 is a happy and healthy one for you!

Nayuleska said...

Finally on the mend, thanks Jess! Everyone I know was sick too, sadly it's the season. Hope you stayed well and yes, hoping 2017 has less germs in it for you and me both!