Wednesday, 9 November 2016

What are YOU reading? #333

What are you reading on Monday? is a weekly meme hosted by Sheila at Book Journeys where you post books completed last week and plans for upcoming books. Jump over to her blog and see who else is participating.


Image result for Puddle's Wondrous Worry Dolls by Andrea Kaczmarek

Puddle's Wondrous Worry Dolls by Andrea Kaczmarek
Children's, 7 years +
(A sweet, slightly creepy tale about a girl who discovers worry dolls who help her life...)

Image result for Jesper Jinx #6: Best Friend by Marko Kitti

Jesper Jinx #6: Best Friend by Marko Kitti
Children's, 9 years +
(An adventure all about Jesper's best friend!)


Image result for aikatsu stars start line

Aikatsu Stars! music has been a hit this week, especially the song Start Line!


Image result for Gilmore Girls: Season 7

Gilmore Girls: Season 7
Drama, English version
(So much has happened in the last week with my epic watching, Lane is married and pregnant!!!)

Image result for Winx:  Season 6 china

Winx:  Season 6
Magical Girl anime, French version
(The fairies have been to China and fought mystical dragons!)

Image result for Shugo Chara dia

Shugo Chara
Magical Girl anime, Japanese version,
(Amu has finally told the rest of the guardians that her 4th chara, Dia, has turned bad and is with the enemy!)

Image result for pop pixie lockette

Pop Pixie
Fantasy anime, French version
(Poor Lockette got transformed into an evil imp for a day, which caused her so much trouble as no one would believe her!)

Image result for aikatsu ichigo

Music Idol anime, Japanese version
(At the part where some of the girls [including Ichigo] become part of Aikatsu 8 tour!)

Image result for Kilari

Music Idol anime, French version
(It took a lot of work for Kilari to be able to write a poem for a competition she is currently participating in...)

I made some simple coasters with multicoloured yarn but failed to take a picture before giving them as a present – sorry! I've continued with my current blanket....

...which is slowly growing.

On the tasty side of things, I made some fudge...

Gaming wise I'm enjoying a new update to Animal Crossing New Leaf, which has dramatically expanded my storage space. The problem is I think I need to have my house as large as it can be before I get it (not sure), hope to figure that out over the next few days as I try and upgrade my other 3 characters. I've discovered how to encourage animals to come stay in my town (an ability I had before as they could visit the camp site, only I haven't built the camp site as I didn't realise what it did). There's an RV camp site that's due to the update, and introduces new characters.

Love Live School Idol Festival continues to be a big hit, both literally and figuratively.

I hadn't intended to take park in the current Japanese event, as I hate the score match type of event (you play with 3 other people, and you get points based on who scores highest), but I fell in love with the non transformed cards so simply had to enter. I've got 1 of them, and at the moment it looks like I can tier high enough to get both cards, possibly transformed!
I've also been playing on Aikatsu My No 1 Stage.

While I like using the characters and outfits that are shown in the anime on the songs in the game, I've started enjoying switching outfits about, having a top from one brand, skirt from another, and shoes from another. Mismatching outfits is so much fun!

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