Monday, 7 November 2016

Guest Blog Post + Review: Happy Hooves: Yuk! By A. Bogie and Rebecca Elliott (Children's, Picture book, 9/10E, short 'n' sweet review)

What's cooking?
 September 2016, Fat Fox Books, 32 pages, Hardback, Review copy

Book summary
The Happy Hooves gang are back! In this latest brilliant story about our favourite farmyard animals, Happy Hooves, Yuk! follows the animals as they each get invited to Pig's house who has cooked up some interesting (and often fairly yuk) culinary delights!It's funny, engaging, and will give some food for thought on what children can cook up next!

 Nayu's thoughts
 I featured A. Bogie on National Poetryday, so it was so fun to read her work after enjoying her poem about poetry, plus I've read books by Rebecca so I knew I'd love the illustrations. I love how pig has funky coloured hooves and ears, and the other animals have coloured and patterned parts of their body. If you aren't keen on bugs like me you will have to race through several of the pages, as the bug which pig uses in the food is in plentiful supply as a border around the page as well as being in the page too. I struggle with worms so was extra speedy in turning that page (the bugs negated a perfect grade).

I felt sorry for the frogs who looked scared at being eaten in their page border, as well as for pig who doesn't realise that other animals prefer different food. What they ended up eating made me laugh as they describe it in such a cute phrase! I won't put it here so you will just have to read it for yourself. I definitely will be reading more from A. Bogie and Rebecca in the future! Perhaps it is wiser to read this when you aren't eating anything if you are a bit squeamish. It's a good way of showing how people like different things, and that's ok.

Find out more on A. Bogie's website and Rebecca's website.

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