Sunday, 11 September 2016

How To Update Your Parents by Pete Johnston (Children's, 9 years +, 10E/10E)

August 2016, Award Publications Limited, 128 pages, Paperback, Review copy

Book summary
What can you do when you're trapped in a technology time warp? When Louis's parents decide he spends too much time 'glued to screens' they come up with their worst idea ever - a total ban on tablets, computers and mobiles! Louis needs a plan to fight back, and fast! Can his best friend Maddy come to the rescue?

Nayu's thoughts 
Louis struggles when his parents unplug him and his brother in an effort to be a better family.  The actual event takes a while to occur, which was nice because it meant I got a deeper insight into life with technology before it got banned. Pete's books are always brilliant, and this one is no exception. Louis and his family have distinct personalities which readers will be able to relate to. I don't have any brothers, so the only knowledge I gain about them is from books. I was proud at how hard Louis campaigned for Maddy, even though he couldn't see how futile their efforts were. 

Maddy does a brilliantly disgusting trick which impresses Louis and me. I learned how far Louis would go in bribing his younger brother which was amusing, and I got a glimpse into modern family life too. Mobile phones were just invented when I was at school, well more widely available to the public. I was only allowed to use it for emergencies, and when I was allowed to use it more it was always banned from meal times, so that doesn't seem a big deal to me-it seems to be the polite thing to do! I'm looking forward to rereading this after I've read the previous book in the aeries which I fully suspect will be just as funny, filled with determination, courage, and sheer insanity. 

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