Saturday, 2 July 2016

Nayu's News #219 All back to normal!

It is wonderful to feel back to 80% normal (what counts as normality for me)! I like not having to be careful what I eat. Eating cake again makes it taste that bit more delicious! Still a bit more exhausted than normal, but it always takes time for me to get over being ill.

Bit fuzzy but you get the idea of my pretty house!
Over the past week I've gamed a lot (always good), mostly Animal Crossing New Leaf , some Animal Crossing Happy Home Designer and a bit of Aikatsu My No.1 Idol! More news on those soon. 
managed to read a bit (progress as I've read little lately), even done a bit of craft! And today...I'm going grocery shopping! 
I've been eek-ing mine out (the phrase means stretching, although I'm not sure if it's a regional phrase or a well known one. I may have the spelling wrong!), which has been ok because I've stayed away from milk for quite a while, and thankfully had enough yogurt to last me. I only need a few items, so it shouldn't take long. That's being done after blog work. 

So what can you expect over the coming week? Maybe a book review (I don't have many waiting to be written), definitely some gaming news too. Who knows! I'll post what I can when I can :) 

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