Tuesday 10 May 2016

The Great Chocoplot by Chris Callaghan (Children's, 9 years +, 10E/10E, short 'n' sweet review)

Yes this does look like a chocolate bar! Yum yum ^o^
March 2016, Chicken House, 240 pages, Review copy

Content: warning - lots of chocolate mentions! & humour 

Summary from Chicken House
Jelly and her family live in Chompton-on-de-Lyte, where everyone loves a Blocka Choca bar or two. 

So when the end of chocolate is announced, she can’t believe it. Determined to investigate, Jelly and her gran follow a trail of clues to a posh chocolate shop and its owner, the pompous Garibaldi Chocolati. Gari’s suspiciously smug, despite his failing business and yucky chocolate. Is it really the chocopocalypse, or is there a chocoplot afoot?

Nayu's thoughts 
A fantastically realistic look at what could happen in a chocolate shortage. I love how Jelly is in a family with 1 parent who has lost their job, as these days that is the reality for a lot of people. It was cool having her grandmother live so close, and convenient for the after hours expediion Jelly ends up on. There is a lot of humour, some subtle which younger readers may not get but which made me smile a lot. I advise having some chocolate to hand when reading this as it made me want some!!! A girl can only resist for so long, alrhough I'm not as desperate as Jelly's mum was in that kitchen incident. 

Jelly faces so many concerns that I whooped when she stumbled upon mindfulness. What ifs can be a plague, and when she learns to enjoy the present I mentally clapped with joy. And yet it is because she worries so much and thinks ahead that she worked out the clues to the global chocolate shortage. 
Let's just say I was glad there wasn't an illustration of one of Garibaldi's treasured possessons. 

I love the drama with Jelly's next-door neighbour, Jelly's family dynamics, and how Jelly works hard on keeping her dad out of trouble. Her hard work and determination pays off in the end where there is a little twist that has me hoping for more Jelly adventures. 

Find out more on Chris's website.

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