Friday, 8 April 2016

Nayu's News #215: Book Reviewing & Book Writing

Hot chocolate with a stack of books is my kind of heaven! Picture source
Hi everyone! Thank you for being patient while I've been absent. I was a bit peaky, and I've been working hard on writing the backlog of reviews which is my sort of secret book review project. It's not a secret now, and I'm sure I've mentioned it previously. Anyway, I'm 1/3 through the process! 
Holo from the anime Spice and Wolf does a good impression of me when I stay up late reading. I don't use a candle though!
1) Write the reviews on my tablet =COMPLETE
2) Post reviews on blog = pending
3) Read & review remaining books

I'm making good progress with this mammoth project which until now has felt neverending. It's great to see the end in sight, and to share so many brilliant novels with you. Gettin them written means I can spend more time creating lovely crochet items and on my own novels-yay! The one still with betas needs major work, but hopefully the current one I'm working on will be in better shape. ^o^ 
Seems appropriate to use Holo again! As much as I'd love to write with a quill and ink,


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