Sunday, 24 April 2016

A Rose For St Amelia by Jack Nesbitt (Thriller, Romance, 9/10E, short 'n' sweet review)

The story is as gruesome as the cover looks!
November 2015, Pegasus Elliot Mackenzie, 148 pages, Hardback, Review copy 

Content: violence, murder, strong adult situations, 

Summary from Pegasus Publishers
When Rose flees to southern Spain following her messy divorce, romance is the last thing on her mind - until she meets fellow art lover Antonio. But A Rose for St Amelia is not the passionate holiday romance it first appears to be. Antonio has a secret, one which unfolds with tragic consequences, as Rose discovers to her cost.

Nayu's thoughts
I knew it was a dramatic read from the blurb, yet I hadn't realised it was going to have such mature content. However the story is very unusual and I can say I haven't read many books like it. It gave me chills because I realised what might happen to Rose before she did, which didn't lessen the blow of what actually happened. What she experiences is horrific, and all too easy to imagine. I think I coped with the intensity and grim nature of the book because it's a short read, that and I read it in daylight which is a smidge less creepier than at night. I'll definitely check out more of Jack's books in the future!
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