Thursday, 3 March 2016

Unbroken by Michelle Davidson Argyle, (Young Adult, New Adult, 10E/10E, short 'n' sweet review)

  November 2015, MDA Books, 80 pages, Ebook, Review copy 

Summary from Michelle's website
Fourteen years after her kidnapping, Naomi has moved on from her traumatic past. She has a new last name, a career she loves, and nobody to hold her down. When she lands her dream job managing a restaurant in Italy, she resolves not to think about what happened in that country with Jesse eleven years ago. But Naomi’s past won’t let her go that easily. One by one, her former kidnappers are being released from prison. When Naomi runs into Evelyn at a local market, her perfect life is turned upside down and curiosity leads her step by step back to Jesse. She’s looking for closure, but what she finds along the way changes everything, leaving her at one last crossroads with her former kidnappers.

Nayu's thoughts
 Final part of the Breakaway trilogy is epic! Very happy ending & a happy reader!) I'm heavily biased as I'm a Breakaway fangirl, and know Michelle online. (It is called The Breakaway, but originally it was just Breakaway, which is what I'm used to, hence why I call it that a lot). That said I can't stress how wonderful this novel is. Naomi has matured a lot since she was kidnapped and returned, it was fascinating seeing her live her dream of being in Italy, which was a much nicer experience than when she first went there with Jesse in book 2, Pieces

I'm so glad she had a mentor of sorts to help her through seeing her kidnappers again – that was a meeting I was super excited to read as I wasn't sure how she'd react. All the way through the novel all previous characters who I both loved and hated acted true to themselves, some had changed for the better, others not so much. The ending is perfection, and while I always like to know what happens next, I'm happy with where I leave Naomi, and am looking forward to rereading this again and again.

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