Monday, 29 February 2016

Uneasy in New Orleans by Carol Carson (Cozy Mystery, 10E/10E, short 'n' sweet review, NetGalley)

Absolutely adore this cover!!!

September 2015, Createspace, 245 pages, Ebook, Review copy from NetGalley

Content: murder, some violence, some paranormal elements, lots of humour

Summary from Carol's website
Dead bodies aren’t on Finn’s New Orleans walking tour of cemeteries and haunted houses. Ditto disappearing bodies. Now she has to explain to Detective Jack Boyle how her missing corpse has turned up in the Mississippi putting her smack-dab in the middle of a murder investigation.

Unfortunately, another of Finn’s odd jobs is taking questionable photos for Jack’s PI brother, Tommy. After she snaps shots of a dubious pair of lovebirds, they stalk her, then kidnap her. Now Finn’s dealing with two lunatics intent on killing her. Or driving her crazy. She’s not sure which.

Because lunatics and smokin-hot brothers aren’t enough trouble, she’s gossiping, yes gossiping, with a chef ghost at culinary school, cat-sitting her aunt’s six felines and attempting to corral her wayward teenage sister.

All Finn wants is to survive school and become the best chef in the world.

Nayu's thoughts
I'm relieved the voodoo element was something I could cope with as its a fun read with laughs and thrills galore. It was never so bad that I considered stopping reading, mostly due to Finn's personality. Her way of thinking had me smiling and giggling away to myself. I love the friendly ghost she meets, who gives some great tips, although Finn is frequently frustrated by him disappearing right when she needs something answered. 

Having cat-sat myself, I was amused by that side of Finn's responsibilities, as of that of taking care of her little sister who needed a break from home. The two struggle a bit initially to bond and get into a routine involving discipline. This isn't always their fault, as trouble follows Finn around everywhere. There are moments when I 'yay-ed' at Debbie's behaviour, she does save Finn and I dread to think what will happen if she decides to follow in her older sister's career choice. 

Finn isn't one for hanging around for back up. If she thinks something needs doing, she dashes off to do it, rather than wait for help which could save her life. However, it's her quick thinking which helps her solve the case too. I'm so glad this is the first book in the series, as it means I'm with her from the beginning rather than diving into the middle of a series. Roll on book 2!

Find out more on Carol's website.

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