Tuesday, 9 February 2016

The Magical Snow Garden by Tracey Corderoy and Jane Chapman (Children's, Picture book, 10/10E, short 'n' sweet read)

La la laa!
September 2015, Little Tiger Press, 32 pages, Hardback, Review copy 

Summary from Little Tiger Press
 Far away, where snowflakes twinkle like stars, Wellington penguin dreams of growing a garden. “Impossible!” say his friends. “You can’t grow a garden in the snow.” But Wellington is determined to create something truly magical...

Nayu's thoughts 
This is a super cute read about not giving up on your dreams at the first hurdle. Wellington wants something that doesn't currently exist, therefore his friends thinks he is mad for wanting to try and change the environment around them. Wellington tries to add flowers the normal way, but for obvious reasons of a wintry world they don't last. With some inspiration Wellington creates his own type of garden which can remain in snow. 

The joy of his friends made their initial discouragement worth while, teaching readers to keep going even when obstacles appear because there are always ways around them. The sheer joy Wellington has for his project is contagious! This is one happy penguin who I hope to read more about. 

Find out more on Tracey's website.

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