Friday, 12 February 2016

Sky High by Susan O'Brien (Cozy mystery, 10/10E, short 'n' sweet review)

Adore this bright & breezy cover!
September 2015, Henery Press, 278 pages, Ebook, Review copy from NetGalley

Content: moderate amount of strong adult romance, lots of humour

Summary from Henery Press
 Single mom and rookie P.I. Nicki Valentine rarely gets time off, so attending a wedding with her superhot colleague Dean sounds dreamy. But things turn nightmarish when the groom—a soon-to-be transplant donor—disappears, and Nicki and Dean commit to a partnership they never planned.

Together, they examine the groom’s unfulfilled promises, including one to his mom, a psychic medium with an unusual health need. As family secrets emerge, Nicki must face questions about her late husband, whose long-ago betrayal still threatens to cloud her judgment.

With support from her pole-dancing best friend, her always-on-call family, and the loves of her life (her two kids—and possibly Dean), Nicki must uncover the groom’s demons while conquering her own.

Nayu's thoughts 
Looking at the synopsis to help me write this review has made me laugh. I loved this book! It's refreshing to have the character as a single mother, and be new to helping others solve their mysteries. Minus a scattering of scenes which weren't 100% for me, I adore Nicki's life. Her work and home life clash, in good ways and in ways that had me holdng my breath. Her best friend is quite a character, providing entertainment that made me giggle and blush, adding lots of humour to tough situations.

There were constant plot twists – not for a million years would I have guessed what the groom was donoring. That involved some googling to check out the reality of that kind of donation (it's real, random, yet real). It's not a kidney, or a lung. Or anything you'd guess within 10 or 20 tries. Trust me. The way that Nicki finally apprehends the culprit is also inventive. Nicki is definitely a think on her feet kind of girl!

This is read for the rainy days in your life, when you want some peril, lots of surprises and laughter. So long as you're open minded about a lot of issues you'll love Nicki's life. I'm looking forward to reading more of her crazy life!

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