Friday, 20 November 2015

Nayu's News #204 Part 1 of 3 Microsoft Windows Japanese anime mascots!

Try to guess which Windows mascot this girl is!
The other week over on Nayu's Crochet Dreams, my craft blog, I chatted about updating to Windows 10. That's not the exact focus of today's post. In writing that post I discovered that over in Japan Windows use anime mascots for each version of Windows - how cool is that! Sometimes I so live in the wrong country...

I thought I'd show you some of the characters! They aren't all, as some pictures weren't appropriate for this blog if you catch my drift (English phrase which means 'if you understand what I'm saying'), so I've left them out. This post is an excuse to view some cute anime pics! It was going teao be one post, but as I searched for pics of the girls I knew about I discovered there are even more mascots, so I'm splitting this into 3 posts which I will reveal on consecutive Fridays. Despite me mentioning Windows a lot this is not a promoted post.  Let's start with the most recent mascots:

Windows 10 Japanese anime mascot: Touko Madobe who is new to me!
Touko keeps up with the blue Windows theme!
Todou posing for happy profile pic!

Another close up - I love her hairstyle with the cute thin plaits (braids) tied up with a Windows themed clip!
Tokou in town!

Windows 8 Mascot: Twins Ai and Yu Madobe: it turns out I already knew about one of them! 

Have I seen you before?
Here's a pic you may be more familiar with: 
Turns out the girl having fun on her tablet is a well known character!
I've used this picture a few times as my daily pic for what I'm doing here on NRC, as well as in a few posts. Well, it's one of the twin mascots, Yu! The long haired twin is Ai, who it turns out I've also used a pic! 

Ai loves computers as much as Yu does!
The sisters out promoting Windows 8!
Ai and Yu at home checking out a game or something.
Ai and Yu shopping - check out their bags!
Here's what a Japanese version of Windows 8 looks like-cute!
Finally a random picture of Yu and Ai in kimonos- they are adorable!

I did spot this girl with Windows 8, so no idea if it's just an anime girl put there or an early prototype before Ai and Yu.

Windows 7: Nanami Madobe, another girl I've seen before! 
Time to play in the snow!
I like the futuristic screens Nanami is using, as well as her adorable 4 heart hair clip!
It's obvious now that Nanami is a Windows girl!
Nanami has a cat!
She looks so care-free here - look how her eyes and bow centre actually match the colours of her hair slide not seen in this pic but seen in the pics below and above.

Nanami working hard - if I had a computer, I'd want a cat on it! That reminds me I keep meaning to make my laptop look cute with stickers...
Nanami relaxing with her cat - a girl after my own heart!

That's it for Part 1, tune in next Friday for Part 2 which includes Windows XP, 2000, 98, and 95 mascots!

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