Tuesday, 18 August 2015

A Tower of Giraffes: Animal Bunches by Anna Wright (Children's, Picture book, 8/10E)

 June 2015, Charlesbridge, 32 pages, Hardback, Review copy 

Content: animals

Summary from Charlesbridge
Did you know penguins are social animals that love being together in a group? This group is called a parcel. Flamingos are also quite social and live in large groups called flamboyances or stands. Sheep on the other hand are shy animals and that is why they stick together in a group, or a flock.

Nayu's thoughts     
It was interesting to learn what certain groups of animals are called, some I knew, most I didn't. I liked the concept of using fabric pictures (not the actual fabric despite looking like it) on the illustrations, although the general style and colour scheme wasn't my taste hence the lower grade. I'm quite sure that some readers will want to find out more about the animals featured, as well as look up the group names for others.

Find out more at Anna's website.

Available at bookstores including NRC affiliate Foyles.

Suggested read
For fully giraffe themed read check out Zeraffa Giraffa by Dianne Hofmeyr and Jane Ray (Children's, Picture book, 9/10E)

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