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Timber Ridge Riders #2 Racing Into Trouble by Maggie Dana (Children's, 9 years +, 10E/10E)

  February 2012, Pageworks Press, 184 pages, Ebook, Review copy 

Content: horse mania, drama, humour, 

Summary from Maggie's website
Ever since Kate McGregor arrived at Timber Ridge Stables, Angela Dean has been making trouble. Maybe she's angry because Kate's a better rider than she is, or maybe she's jealous because Kate's the only one who's allowed to ride Buccaneer, the barn's willfull new horse.

To further complicate matters, a new girl—Jennifer West—moves into the neighborhood and Angela sets out to impress her. But when Angela makes a fool of herself in front of Jennifer, things begin to 
go wrong and Kate gets the blame.

Is Angela behind the trouble?

Kate and her best friend, Holly, who’s learning to walk and ride again after an accident, can’t be sure. But they do know one thing. If Angela's on the warpath, Kate is heading for trouble, and fast!

Nayu's thoughts
Confession: I stayed up late to finish this! Huge thanks to Dana who is sweetly providing me with review copies of the series since I adored book 1 despite not liking horses much in real life I have a thing for horses in fiction and am quite happily imagining I'm the characters...except when they are in trouble which happens a lot.

I can't stress how exciting Kate's story is! I couldn't believe how the stakes got higher when I thought they were high enough. I felt so sorry for Kate when no-one believed she wasn't responsible for all the mishaps which happened, mishaps which got bigger the more they happened, and practically lost Kate her job. Even Holly started doubting her.  That's why I stayed up late to finish it – I couldn't not know what happened next! Mercifully Maggie doesn't believe in cliff-hanger endings or else I'd have been fairly annoyed ^o^ The end is the best part in the book, as everything gets worked out, so stick with Kate through the hard times, and enjoy being surprised resident mean girl Angela's sneaky ways.
Suggested read
Naturally start at book 1, Timber Ridge Riders: Keeping Secrets (Children's, 9 years +, 10E/10E)

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