Sunday, 26 July 2015

Nayu's News #194 Sleep, books, reviews & yarn

Something cute to brighten your day!
I'm 'cheating' a little bit today and not putting a book review up. I love different posts, and I've spent this morning writing the main text to reviews - I had a whole load stacked up and I really want to get on top of it. All I have to do now is schedule them up, add a few details and links, and voila! Since it's near lunch I've been doing this for several hours I'm not inclined to post a review up. 

Treasure your sleep - insomnia sucks
Friday night unfortuntely was a night of not so much sleep. I woke at 2am on Saturday, and stayed awake until 10pm. Because lack of sleep can lead to migaines far too easily for my liking I spent all of yesterday in my room, mostly lying down, as it's all I want to do. Being away from the normal family goings on reduces a migraine occuring as it's more peaceful and my body doesn't go into sensory overload. 
This was me - except I was in normal day clothes. Snuggling up with a hot drink and cuddly toy is exactly what you need when severely over tired.
I managed to do some crochet squares for a baby blanket for Nayu's Crochet Dreams, watched some Winx, read a bit, then put the text to speech function on when I couldn't read (since I don't have review books as audiobooks. Text to speech is really good, and you can increase the recitation speed so I can 'read' it as fast as I'd read it. Had to stop because after a while that got too much. 

Got to the stage of everything feeling like too much!
I was falling asleep from lunch onwards, not really taking in what anyone said to me, since all I was thinking was 'I want to sleep!' Napping is always out of the question because I then won't sleep as well that night, so I have to stick it out. Hot chocolate and cake were my friends ^o^ 

Thankfully I slept right through last night. Felt fuzzy headed today, but somehow managed to do blog work - yay! Time for lunch then rest with anime, crochet, and reading, a perfect afternoon! 
Bye for miaow!

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