Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Nayu's News #191 Friends, games and more!

Today's a good day!
I hope you're all having a good start to the week, and have had at least one thing make you smile. today I popped back to see my old colleagues. It wasn't as weird as I'd expected to take the familiar drive to work, not even at a slightly later time than I used to travel. It was good to see everyone, even though some were on leave. It both felt liked I'd been gone ages and gone no time at all. I plan on going back every month or so to catch up with people. Thanks to the wonders of technology we can keep in touch easily, which makes the not being there easier.

So much fun!!!!
I think I said in another post that I've promised to game every day – ideally console gaming. I've kept that promise, although yesterday was a learning curve for gaming. I merrily gamed on Eternal Sonata, a game where I get to whack enemies with a cute blue and white parasol/umbrella when I'm playing as Polka, for 90 minutes. Once I stopped I was rather exhausted. My brain isn't used to that particular type of thinking for such a long period of time! 
You can't blame me for wanting to play with such a brightly coloured game
It's not long compared to the hours I spent gaming in the past, and hopefully I'll be able to play that long in the future. However, for now I'll try and gradually build up my gaming time. Not always easy because I have to wait for a save point to appear in Eternal Sonata, but I'll slowly increase gaming time over the next few weeks.
This is a pretty town!
I'll do the same with writing too, as I suspect if I get too gung ho and try writing for 2 hours straight my body might protest to that. I'm just glad that my body has no issues with a few hours of anime, reading, or crochet!

Time to go do some other 'stuff' – catch you later!
I've got books to read & write!

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