Friday, 3 July 2015

Nayu's News #189 A few medium sized blog changes

Time to let you know about a few blog changes which are kind of important but won't affect the blog content very much. 

Firstly I finished my day job on Tuesday so I'm now 100% working from home as a writer and crochet artist. Whoohoo! This means I have a bit more time to spend on blogging. A bit in so far as for every future book reviewed on NRC I will post reviews on Amazon UK, Amazon US, GoodReads and Foyles. Over time I'll add older reviews to these sites too.

I may end up putting reviews on other sites too, which is related to the change I've mentioned in the past. I'm starting up with an affiliate program initially with just Foyles but hopefully other sites too (really want to be an Audible affiliate but will wait and see). All it means is at the end of reviews there will be a link to purchase the book which currently includes a notice saying it's an affiliation. Hopefully over time when I come to understand more about being an affiliate (there's so much to do it's a tad overwhelming) there may be more promotions, but for now it's simple and unintrusive. I hope.

Until August I'm finding my feet with Nayu's Crochet Dreams regarding promotion and uploading items - it's my way of having a holiday while still doing some work ^o^ It's fun work, and I know I'm going to learn a lot as well as get writing and crochet done, so please bear with me as the various changes take place. 

Nearly time for some gaming - this is something I've promised to do every day! 

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