Thursday, 23 April 2015

The IT Girl by Katy Birchall (Young Adult, 9/10E, short 'n' sweet review)

7th May 2015, Egmont, 352 pages, Ebook, Review copy (NetGalley)

Content: humour, mild teen romance, 

Book summary
Everybody wants to be a famous It Girl. Don't they?
Anna Huntley's aims in life:

1) Must keep my two lovely new (and only) school friends by not doing anything in usual manner of socially inept dork and outcast.
2) Train Dog (my labrador) to high-five. This is probably the most ambitious life goal on this list.
3) Do not set the school's Deputy Queen Bee mean girl's hair on fire (again).
4) Work out whether 2) and 3) constitute being socially inept or outcastish.
5) Go to Africa and give out rice.
6) To hide in a cupboard FOR LIFE with Dog now Dad is engaged to one of the most famous actresses EVER, the paparazzi want to spash my face all over the papers and everyone in school (and The World) is soon to discover the level of my social ineptitude.
7) Is rice a bit done now? Maybe I can give out chocolate in Africa too. I do like chocolate. Must work out how to do it from the cupboard...

Nayu's thoughts
Need 100+ smiles? Read this book which will have you smiling almost on every page. There were moments when Anna's dilemma made me feel sorry for her because she got in tough situations which were occasionally not her fault, but on there whole there is humour on every page, even when she is waving a 'trouble' sign above her head (she doesn't actually do this, but you can so see it happening). I hadn't expected her IT girl experience to go the way it did. 

I confess the grade is because I wasn't all that keen on the cover, the story itself is immensely realistic in the melodrama which teens have a tendency to suffer from which annoys me a smidge and amuses me a lot. Hence the 100+ smiles. The story twists took me a bit by surprise, which I always enjoy in a book. The places where animosity was put on hold and sometimes altogether eliminated from Anna and her potential step-sister had me reaching for a tissue, the rest made me want to bash said step-sister on the head for not giving Anna a chance. A definite reread!

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