Thursday 19 March 2015

Nayu's News #180 I've won an award!

As soon as this post is live I'm adding this to my menu ^o^
Today was going to be a book review day (I'm pre-scheduling this on Wednesday afternoon), but as you can see it's not - I've won an award! I got an email today from Middle Shelf Magazine, who I'd never heard of before now, to say I'm one of their 2015 Best of Blogs for middle grade! You can see the award on page 48 at the bottom, I'm third one down (there isn't a number order). It's a happy surprise, and I'm touched that Middle Shelf Magazine think NRC helps promote middle grade fiction. Yay! Life is full of surprises ^o^
I'm a happy Nayu!

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Gina said...

Way to go my friend!