Sunday, 15 March 2015

Nayu's News #178 Picture book mania!

Everyone needs some R&R at a weekend

Afternoon all! I hope you are having a good weekend, with some fun things breaking up the not so exciting household tasks.Note: I'm writing this so hopefully the bizarre writing overlapping these words won't be on the writing part that matters!
This week's reviews are all about cute!
Just a quick heads up that until at least Thursday I'm only reviewing picture books. I'd scheduled them up yesterday, with the plan to use today's blog time to add a second review of a different age group. However the weather is not cooperating with me today. 
Cute weather! Not so cute effects...
The temperature is low, my body is rebelling, and because I'm feeling peaky I'm only doing essential emails/tweets/etc. I'm resting lots to encourage my body to quit sulking with anime, books, audiobooks & crochet ^o^
Books are made for dreamers!
I do have a post where I'll be your asking your opinion on a new venture here on NRC, other than that it's picture book mania!
I'm not reading an Alice in Wonderland picture book (not a fan), but I've lined up super cute titles!
 Oopsie. On my final check before posting, I've realised I like the word cute a's just that cute conveys exactly what I mean!

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