Wednesday, 11 February 2015

The Railway Rabbits: Berry and the Amazing Maze + Bracken and the Wild Bunch by Georgie Adams and Anna Currey (Children's, 7 years +, 10E/10E)

 October 2014, Orion Children's Books, 112 pages, Paperback, Review copy

Content: mild peril, humour 

Summaries from Amazon (Orion website down) 
There are strange goings-on at Fairweather's Farm Park! The maize field is ripe - but the people-folk have decided to cut patterns into it and fill it with terrifying monsters! What will happen when Berry, Fern and their friends Tansy and Teasel get lost inside it? Will Wisher's special ears be able to save the day?

Something mysterious has come to the Ripple River Valley! When Bracken hears a whistling noise, none of his family believe him, so he decides to run away to prove them wrong. Soon he's tracking some very odd looking paw prints. But who do they belong to?

Nayu's thoughts
This sweet bunny series is full of adventure, some mild peril, and lots of advice on how to handle various situations. In the Amazing Maze adventure I was taken aback in a good way by how the maze was created and what occasion it was built for. Obviously I know what a maze looks like from a human perspective, but I hadn't though what it would be from an animal like Berry, whose entire family get involved in trying to find her. It never fails me how in both books the Rabbits are terrified of the train,  and humans who only want to help them. Ooops it turns out I've previous read and reviewed this book which you can see here.

There are so many adorable pictures which made my heart melt with the cute rounded style of the bunnies. I thought Bracken's running away from home tale in Bracken and the Wild Bunch is a good deterrant to any readers who fancy doing the same thing when they get ignored or told off – home is often the safest place to be, and younger bunnies like Bracket don't have worldly experience to understand what is out there. There's always a happy end to the books, after much tension and breath holding moments. 

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