Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Nayu's News #168 Expect the Unexpected, Reading & Writing Mojo, Successful Holiday

Feeling bright like Holo from the anime Spice and Wolf
Hi all! I hadn't expected to have some down time this week, but, as it says in today's title, always expect the unexpected. Monday I became unwell, which continued through to Tuesday, unfortunately resulting in me being unable to attend my grandfather's funeral. The positive result of that is that thanks to the wonders of modern technology and several people living abroad who were unable to attend the funeral was filmed, so I will get to see it soon. I spent the afternoon focusing on resting. I can happily say I'm on the mend.

You never know who you'll make smile
Whenever I look at my blog I scan which posts are the most popular (see the bottom of the page). When Nayu's News #35 showed up, I jumped to have a peek and it ended up that I gave myself advice which I'd needed to hear but had forgotten I'd given. I love it when that happens!

Books, glorious books!
You'll be pleased to hear that my reading and writing mojo is back. Energy permitting I can be found curled up on the sofa with a good book (haven't read a 'bad' book for ages).
It's a wonderful thing to see my mostly grumpy Muse so annoyed - I'm looking forward to making her smile!
 Writing wise Muse has pushed through the fog of grief & is now tapping her feet a lot. I'm going to let her loose this afternoon after giving her inspiration from some anime episodes.

Speaking of anime, I've taken up my subscription with Crunchyroll again. I wanted to watch a few anime but couldn't easily find them online. Since I knew they were on Crunchyroll, I tried watching it for free. Oye! The frequency of ads had me dashing to resubscribe at once. I'm sure the ads are put that way on purpose! It's £5 a month, which isn't too dear, not considering how much anime I watch. I'm loving rewatching favourite series like:

Turns out I liked music idol anime a long way back!
Bodacious Space Pirates
An anime filled with oodles of comedy
and delving into new ones whose titles elude me right now but which are awesome! I'd love to hear if you subscribe to any online channels. Video streaming is certainly a wonderful invention!

A break is always welcome
Today is the last day of what has been a successful holiday. Due to illness on 2 occasions I didn't quite do all that I had planned, but I'm all relaxed and ready to face the stack of email in my inbox when I reach work tomorrow. I've worked a bit more on the website for Nayu's Crochet Dreams, and will be setting up an Etsy account soon (now that I learnt that joining a community isn't mandatory. I will in time, but for now I won't).

I hope you have made it safely to this halfway point to the weekend - not long to go now!
Go unleash your creative side!

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