Friday, 23 January 2015

Nayu's News #166 2015 = The Year of More Organised Blogging

Time to share what I've been up to today!
I'm not one for making New Year's resolutions, simply because I make life goals throughout the year, as and when I need to. Today I've been organising my book blogging schedule. I keep draft posts of all books I have set review dates for, predominantly due to blog tours, on Blogger. I have the major dates covered. Phew! 

Let's just say that my previous method of keeping an eye on all other books doesn't work too well over winter when my health heavily limits how much I can blog. And it turns out that health issues + grief = barely any reviews in December & this month (January). I want to make a dent and get underway with clearing the backlog of reviews. I'm not going to overwork, as that always ends up being counterproductive, but I'll be doing lots of short reviews over the next few weeks to get through the stack of awesome reads needing to be shouted about to the world. 
Couldn't resist adding this cute pic of a girl shouting her views to the world!

But in the spirit of a New Year (albeit a few weeks into it) = a new me (or you!) I've come up with this system. It's partly because later on this year my daily routine is hopefully going to change - I can't say any more than that until at least April, as nothing is definite yet. It's not a publishing deal, not yet, but it is writing related in a roundabout way. I've chosen to keep it in a super cute exercise book (I have several more so no fear of me running out of them)
Winnie the Pooh & friends is way better than a plan notebook cover, don't you think?
It's funny that of all the notebooks I pick this one had info of the system I tried using in 2013. That didn't work out so great and, thanks to my lousy memory I can't remember why. 
2013: When I read a book & reviewed it I crossed it out.
 The one I've worked out today is way better!  
Instead of tearing out the 2013 pages, I simply made this title page....
...and began making my lovely table!
 Yes I know the pages are blank - they aren't any more! My handwriting isn't amazing & I've written various notes which are prompts for me about the book and not really for public view. There's nothing bad about them, the phrases used aren't all that polished and ditto spelling, since my memory issues can now have me muddling up words sometimes, as well as using creative spellings.

Anyway, I'm recording key details in the coloured chart (which I had great fun creating!!): book title, sometimes the book author (I say sometimes because when I search my emails for review data I predominantly use the title on its own), when I requested it, when I received it, when the review date is (if it has one), other details such as if it's just a review, if it's part of a blog tour, if I need to send questions for Q&As, which email account I can find it (I use 2...), whether I've read it (a y = yes I have. Blank space = no.), and a tick when I put the post up. Simple!

The simpler tasks are, the easier it is for me to keep them up. This is true for anyone. I hope to blog soon about creating simplicity in life.
Life is simple - all we need is books! Right?

For now, I'd love to hear about your organisation system for book reviewing, or anything else you need to keep track of in life! 
We're all different, but what matters is we all love books!

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