Sunday, 4 January 2015

Nayu's News #164 Find me on Facebook! Craft website news

Hi all! I'm back from my mini break ^o^ I'm also now on Facebook under Nayu Pitcairn, so please do find me & say hi! I have another place to spread my passion for books, anime, chocolate, sewing & much more with the world! Yay! 

Cold flannel provides a smidge of relief to migraines
I'd hoped to have the most of my new craft blog set up by today, as I'd planned on working on it yesterday. Unfortunately a migraine hit on Friday afternoon, getting so bad Friday night I wanted to get reacquainted with trepanning. Drilling a hole in my head seemed the lesser of two evils, trust me! Yesterday I was on a mild headache, still feeing light and sound sensative so spent the day in my room doing crochet, watching shows & gaming on simple games. 
It's a huge relief when I can sit up post migraine. Sitting up is a big step in migraine recovery!

I'm feeling much better today, have been able to set up a few blog posts, which is nice as I do miss blogging when I'm ill. 

I'd hoped to do a bit of work on my new site for my crochet shop Nayu's Crochet Dreams today, but I ended up spending time searching for an updated version of my info for reviews, which after some time I realised didn't exist because I hadn't updated it since November, as December was a bit crazy for me germ gremlin wise. All files are now up to date. You can still see my current Nayu's Crochet Dreams collection for sale right here ^o^ More coming soon!

Taking things a step at a time is all I can do, and this afternoon I'm scheduled to rest with some human drama, lots of anime & lots of crochet! I hope to read & write a bit too.
Enjoy your day whatever you do!

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