Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Say no to Germ Gremlins! A Dettol Sponsered Post officially called 'How far will you go to avoid the doorknob'

I can still see some autumn coloured trees so this pic is valid!
Hi all! I'm sure like me you want to avoid germ gremlins, which as regular readers know are far from welcome in my house since I take longer to recover. 
Germ gremlins involve lots of resting in bed for me, which, as cute as this picture is, I don't enjoy doing.
For healthy people (without a pre-existing medical condition) and not so healthy people (with pre-existing conditions, like me) alike, the more we can do to say no to germ gremlins the better. 
Somehow I don't think germs will go away if I stare at them menacingly and wae a sword around - that's called wishful thinking!
That's why after watch the fun seasonal health video below from Dettol, I wanted to share it with you. 

Confession time...
 Ok, so I do get a few freebies in exchange for hosting this on my blog, only once I've posted it, but I've used Dettol products before and like them, as well as wholeheartedly wanting to show that it's easy to keep yourself healthier over the colder months filled with seeing friends & family. I'm quite sure there will be few posts for this video quite like mine including cute anime pics!!! 
Here's another pic for good measure - if you get ill this winter, you may be doing this for a day or two.
You can find out more on how to reduce the possibility of having a party with germ gremlins on Dettol's website.  Enjoy the video! It made me smile ^o^

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