Friday, 19 December 2014

Nayu's News #159 Wind down time, a cat & a plant pot, weekends

It's the weekend!
I'm currently at the table with a large mug of camomile tea, feet up on a chair, cosy shawl keeping me warm. It all goes towards helping me wind down for the weekend as I send my weekly email to my friend who sorts my meme for me. 

I love audio books!
I've been rather tired this week with several mornings of waking up around 4am, so reading has been scarce...but audio books have featured heavily, and I will do a post soon on how amazing they are! 

A cat is a girl's best friend ^o^
So the cat thing...Wednesday night I go up for bed, all relaxed and ready to sleep when 


I know instantly what's happened before entering my room. My cat Belle is a rescue cat. She was in a bad way when she was rescued, emaciated, broken leg and broken pelvis. She got put back together but understandably is a bit weaker in her back legs. Sometimes she doesn't quite make it when she jumps up. Due to a gutter issue which created mould inside the house and has me having to rearrange my room while it dries out, I have decorated storage boxes by the window. I was moving them at the weekend, but I was more rough than expected post ketamine dose (my strong 5 weekly pain med), so I didn't have the energy. 
I felt more than a tad flakey
You can probably see where this is going! I think Belle jumped up but missed, or slipped somehow on the boxes...and down came 3 plant pots. With soil in. Why 3? No, she's not a huge cat, but my new plant pots are in 3s on a tray type thing, so it call came down. She scarpered, I set about cleaning up. 
This could easily be me & my cat, when she's not creating havoc
20 minutes later I go to check she isn't too frightened by what happened. I shouldn't have worried - she blinked at me sleepily from her bed! I took a bit longer to relax before being able to get to sleep. She does this feat several times a year so I am used to it, and simply find it funny. I may not have children, but Belle certainly provides enough entertainment and mayhem to keep me on my toes! That's in between all the super cute poses she strikes ^o^
This is super cute!!

I hope to schedule some reviews up this weekend - hopefully my body will play ball and be nice to me! I will most definitely be reading. Enjoy your evening/day!
May your weekend involve books!

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