Friday, 5 December 2014

Nayu's News #157 Marshmallows, Nayu's Crochet Dreams news, Disney Princess weekend

Make sure you wrap up warm!


Brrr, it's getting a tad nippy out (& in) these days. Hot chocolate is a real must have drink. I'm thrilled to be able to have it with marshmallows! I thought I'd blogged about it, but basically I eat fish, but not meat. Marshmallows are made from meat gelatine. Vegetarian marshmallows are rather pricey, so I haven't had them. Last month it dawned on me to try fish gelatine marshmallows....and voila! 
So tasty! I confess to buying more than 1 packet, as it was on offer & I want to use them to make marshmallow rice crispies!!
These are found at a lot of online retailers. Before I tried them all I kept thinking of was how it would taste of fish. It doesn't! It tastes of marshmallow, which I haven't had for over 18 years. Having it in hot chocolate is heaps of fun, and makes it sweet without adding sugar - I make mine with 1 spoon of cocoa powder, and milk, no sugar. Whatever your nutrition requirements there is a marshmallow for you! 

Nayu's Crochet Dreams

I thought I'd share news of how Nayu's Crochet Dreams is going! This weekend, since I've had no takers, I will be changing the competition from favourite coasters to a lap blanket in your favourite colour. I'm slowly learning how to market my work better. I'm retaking all my photos so they are without my lovely cute doll - apparently items are better on their own than with other stuff, which easy enough to sort. I can use her here on my blog though! I will be putting all items up on Ebay too. They are still available on my blog here.
I think she is a lovely model for my work
 Over the next few weeks I will be (finally) getting on to Facebook, to spread the book love, as well as show more of the world my crochet dreams & entice more of you to choose my blankets. I'm  hoping it's easy to use, but I have got an idiots guide to social media, so eventually I'll end up on other sites too. It was going to happen eventually, I've been dragging my heels about it as it's a bit of extra work initially, but I've got some time off over the winter break as work closes for nearly 2 weeks, so I'll tackle it then.  
I'm simply too sleepy to focus on anything requiring much thought during the week
 I may just be currently buying a few more balls of yarn to make some cute baby blankets, to add to Nayu's Crochet Dreams general collection ^o^ 
Like Holo from the anime Spice and Wolf, who can't resist food, I can't resist yarn!


Disney Princess weekend

I'm immensely proud that one of Rapunzel's many activities includes knitting!
As for the Disney Princess part of this post, well, that's what I'm doing this weekend. Tonight I'm definitely watching Tangled, I may squeeze in Frozen, but if I don't it will definitely be watched tomorrow or Sunday. 
One of Disney's best movies ever!
 Hmm, maybe I can watch it tomorrow, and one of the Cinderella films I haven't yet seen....
I much prefer Cinderella in her simple clothes than her rich ones.
I hope your weekend is filled with fun like mine is!
Ichigo from the anime Aikatsu looks so ute in the cat ear Swing Rock outfit

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DMS said...

I have never seen Tangled- but I want to see it!

What a great crocheter you are! Wow!

I just bought hot chocolate, marshmallows and whip cream (I like options). So perfect this time of year. :)