Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Nayu's News #149 Medical update

I may not see an episode of Pretty Rhythm Aurora Dream with Kanome in it today, but I love this outfit of hers!
Hi all! As promised on Sunday's post here's my update on how yesterday's hospital trip went. The tests went by quickly, not heaps of time waiting around which makes a change. Since I'd had them before I wasn't super nervous, only a little bit. 

Of course I'm nervous! 
My heart is looking mostly good! I say mostly, because it's always beat really fast (100-130). It was 120 yesterday, so I've had a 24 hour heart monitor on since yesterday, to see if nerves made it beat rather fast.
Yoshino from the anime Maria Watches Over Us has a heart condition, which made me love her as a character 
If it's as fast when I'm relaxing at home, then they'll probably give me medication to slow my down. I'm not bothered about that because I take a lot already and one more doesn't have a huge impact. I don't notice my heart, so whatever's good for it is fine with me. 

Cute things help me relax! This mother, child & bunny scene is adorble!
Today I am relaxing, honest! I've watched anime, done some crochet, and even managed some writing. Muse is finally starting to explain part of the story which was more than a tad clunky, which is a relief as I was a bit stuck on my own over it. After this post I'll be reading, while finishing off a blueberry cheesecake muffin (which is as gorgeous as it sounds!) Tomorrow I hope to schedule some reviews for the week. Enjoy your day!  

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