Saturday, 25 October 2014

Nayu's News #148 Happy Nayu

I love this girl's outfit
Hi everyone! I hope you are having a good start to the weekend. Today I've been...
Grocery shopping! No idea if that's what this girl is doing, but she's cute & looks as if she's in a shopping centre ^o^ 
Writing! I'd love to write with a quill and book, but weak hands means laptop/tablet is my writing medium!
Here's Sora thinking! 

...and watching Aikatsu! I'm totally addicted to it at the moment, and it's all I've watched today. I had to refrain from watching episode 61 more than once today - I can say why in a week, but for now let's just say Sora's debut as an Aikatsu card brand is related to my forthcoming secret project announcement ^o^

Wrapping up warm is a must!

I'm finally getting over the cold I have. Winter has begun for me, as my body is already protesting at both the cooler temperature & the rain. Both conditions makes my body go on strike, amping up pain & discomfort + making me more like a sloth than my standard tortoise pace of life. Yes, I miss the summer heat wave!

However, I'm a firm believer that there's always blessings to found in every life challenge. Being extra kind to myself by ensuring I watch a greater percentage of happy anime than ones with some conflict in is a win-win occasion/event!

Tomorrow will be filled with lots of fun!
I'll be doing a bit of blog work. I won't do too much, and will be resting more than normal because I've got my dreaded 2 yearly heart check up on Monday. It involves a long day, train travel, a few tests in the morning, and a consultation in the afternoon. Hopefully all will be well - my view is I'm still breathing, so I must be ok! I have to go because part of having mitochondrial myopathy means any muscle can be affected, including the heart. *nose wrinkle* Ho hum. 

Pretend this is crochet...
I will be taking crochet to keep me occupied. I've been to hospital enough times to know that reading doesn't happen easily because I constantly have to keep an ear out for my name being called. I found out the last time that crochet is the best option. I'll take a blanket one that's going to be a present for someone in my family, as it's super fun colours and will make me smile. 

I've got Tuesday off work so I have 2 days to recover from the long day. I'm looking forward to getting the train home because I always have a creamy cooler from Costa ^o^ It boosts me up for the journey home.

I'll be feeling like Sophie from PriPara when her energy crashes

I won't quite be up for singing in concert, but I'll be able to keep going til I get home

That's all the news I have for today - I'll do a quick post Tuesday to let you know how Monday goes. Enjoy your weekend!

Have fun like Holo from Spice & Wolf does!

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