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Nayu's News #146 Where Nayu fights migraines, relaxes with cupcake candle melts & gets hyper!

Fan pic of Amu from the anime Shugo Chara
Morning all! I'm mega hyper since I had my super strong pain meds yesterday, which makes me high since it is ketamine - it's a prescribed drug for me, more on it here. Usually I make fudge or bake a cake on the day after as I get pretty antsy, not in a good way as the day goes on, but today I'm having roasted squash for lunch so saving that physical energy for making it. Yum! 
Me baking while hyper!
The last time I took ket I rested rather than having a blogging spree, and went to bed normal time on the Saturday. Big mistake. Slept fine Saturday, but Sunday night I slept so badly I couldn't go to work on the Monday. So I'm making sure I stay up til 2-3am Sunday, as well as keeping as busy as I can during the day to use up the drug induced hyperness. I'm careful what I do, since I can overdo it as my body has it's usual generally low energy self, but keeping busy is a must! Apart from the snack I'm having soon, 
and the fruit smoothie this afternoon, I'm not having extra sugar because it makes me even more hyper! 

Loving Japanese gothic style outfits is far from the super cute outfits I love ^o^
That's the hyper part of today's post, next the part of the week I'm glaring at. Thursday afternoon I developed a headache at work, which turned into a migraine once I got home. So that was an evening in bed, curtains closed, my daylight lamp on (some aren't so bad I need complete darkness), and staying horizontal. I'm prone to some light & sounds sensitivity, which isn't fun at all coupled with nausea and the need to stay horizontal. Soft toys help a little though! 
Super soft, large & squidgy toys are a comfort when feeling bleh (physically & or mentally)
Yesterday, Friday, I woke up still with the migraine, so no going to work for me. Because I was due to take ket after work, I took it in the morning and hey presto, migraine gone! Well, the pain part. I still felt terrible from it, but reading all day and a little anime before bed made it manageable. The post-migraine fatigue will continue for a few more days, once the side-effects of ket wear off, but I can deal with that. I'm praying that I don't have any more for a while - I've had 3 in 2 weeks now. I went through a stage a year or so ago when I had loads of them every week or so, so I'm prayig hard that isn't the case again. I hate them! 
My migraine death stare!

Mine is a few shades lighter, a cream colour
The cupcake candle (wax) melts part of the post is great news! My family have a strong dislike to Yankee Candle scents, they find them overpowering. I love YC scents, which means I can only burn them when they are holiday since the smell lingers after burning, making it impossible to burn if they're back the same day after going out. For this month's candle buying I did buy some Yankee Candle tea-lights, which have a much lower range scent 'throw' (how far scent travels). Family didn't complain, I still get to enjoy the YC scents - win! 
I got these ones! Review to follow soon
Oh, forgot to say I can't burn candles in my room because my cat comes in, and where I'd burn the candles is wooden. I know it should be fine with a heatproof mat, but I can be accident prone, and would rather not risk setting my room on fire. I burn them on the fireplace hearth in the sitting room. 

I didn't quite give up on I've tried some other brands, but the scents I love my family doesn't. So I thought I'd try one more brand, Heaven Scent Organic Wax Melt and....success! 
1 of 2 flavours which I got - the other is Bluebell
Family like them quite a lot! So I can buy more next month. To reduce the scent being overpowering I cut the cute melt in half, making each use about 85-90p, rather than £1.69 - bargain! It will last several hours, maybe 6-8 (which is the length of time the extra long tea lights last for). After nearly 1 year of hunting I've found some I can burn with family present. Yay! 

Right, time to crack on with the review scheduling! After I send info for Monday's meme to my friend. 
Happy me! (Happy Ann from anime Pretty Rhythm Rainbow Live)

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