Friday, 26 September 2014

Nayu's News #145 An Unintended Quiet Few Days

Minus the freaky bunny I like her outfit

I seriously didn't expect to skip a few days of posting this week. Unfortunately I was attacked by migraine gremlins on Wednesday. On the plus side family returned from holiday across the pond, bringing some of my favourite American candy
& an Italian brand which are square with a filling in the middle, all rather yummy. It was something to look forward to while I recovered. 

Having a flannel soakd with cold water on my forehead whe I have a migraine works feels blissful. I like her cute pjs & frilly pillow!
The day of a migraine is always spent in bed, where it's quiet-ish, I can keep the curtains closed and do what I feel like, which is never a lot. I get sensitive to light, noise, and moving, so being still is a must. I re-read some books, which were a comfort.

I've been sleepy tired & yawning a lot
It had gone by Thursday morning, but in it's place the post migraine fatigue kicked in. Being busy at work yesterday & today has not exactly helped matters. I've had strong brain fog/fuzzy head, and slow to take things in.
That sums it up! I may have memory issues, but I don't have amnesia. Or in some weird parallel universe like the nameless heroine in the anime Amnesia

I'm glad it's looking to be a quiet weekend I'm taking it easy, and getting lots of rest! 
Taking time out to rest & recover is essential after being ill, as well as being an occupation I have to do far more than I like!

Hugs for all those who suffer migraines and other tricky medical issues - hang in there, it will get a little better at some point. 

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