Friday, 5 September 2014

Nayu's News #142: Trying Something New & Priorities

Cherry blossom aka Sakura are what I think of when I hear about the topic 'new [things]' This is Ohana from an anime I can't remember the title of!
This brief post is all about trying something new. I know how I usually feel on a Tuesday night & Wednesday morning if I follow my usual routine after work of blogging, sorting my meds for the next few days, and writing. I usually have lots of brain fog which makes me spacey, like Sophie in the new anime Puri Para (aka Pripara) when she doesn't have her pickled plums. 
With brain fog I just want to flop down and do as little as possible.
Unlike Sophie I don't go falling into fishtanks (I'm have a minor fear of aquariums...) I'm just tired and need extra rest. 
Sometimes resting includes reading, often it includes cute anime. No idea where this pic is from! Love the cute squirrel.

So in the name of trying something new Tuesday night after work I watched anime. And that was it! Just anime - mostly Puri Para. I gamed a bit, did no writing, no blogging. It felt wonderful! 
It felt as refreshing as being awake at dawn and seeing the sun rise.
By the time bed came around I was feeling relaxed, and I knew then that I'd never blog on a work day again. I'll save it for my non-work days. I still had some brain fog on Wednesday morning, but a leisurely get up (instead of getting up & doing blogging first).

I'm doing more by doing less!
I definitely will be writing after work, but only when I'm up for it. I'm putting myself first, which includes giving my body the rest it needs rather than making it do whatever I want to do. It's been a liberating experiment. Please don't get me wrong, I adore blogging, but my body finds it energy sucking (which everything I ever do is). I need to be more mindful of what I do as the weather turns older for winter, since my body goes on strike then and pain levels go up (as if they weren't high enough already). The more I can do to fend off Germ Gremlins the better! 
Being ill sucks

Do you have something you'd like to try, that will give you a bit more leisure time but you haven't dared to try it? Go on, do it! You might be surprised by the results.
Not much surprises Holo from the anime & manga Spice and Wolf, but a lot surprises me daily!

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