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Knightmare: Feast Fight & Damsel Disaster by Peter Bently (Children's, 5 years +, 10/10E & 10E/10E)

Book 2
Book 3

June & August 2014, Stripes Publishing, 160 pages (both), Review copy

Content: lots of humour, some boy humour, 
Summary from Little Tiger Press
Series Summary
Cedric Thatchbottom can’t wait to train as a squire, serving Sir Percival the Proud – a knight famed throughout the land for his glorious deeds. But this famous knight isn’t all he appears to be, and Cedric soon finds himself being run ragged around Castle Bombast by his new master.

 In Book 2 of the Knightmare series, there’s going to be a banquet at Castle Bombast. And not just any old banquet – the king and queen will be attending, and they expect the very best. Which all means more work for Cedric! But what will Sir Percy’s old enemy – Roland the Rotten – do when he finds out he’s not invited?

In Book 3 of the Knightmare series, a wealthy princess is visiting the kingdom in search of a husband, and Sir Percy has a plot up his sleeve to see off the other potential suitors. As usual, Cedric has a key part to play in his master's plan. Ugh! Dressing up as a maiden in silk bloomers wasn’t quite what he had in mind when he signed up to be a squire.

Nayu's thoughts
This series, despite having a boy as the main character (yes, I prefer girl characters), is utterly hilarious. Sir Percy is unbelievably insane when it comes to keeping up his public image (which isn't as high as he thinks). Poor Cedric has to think outside the box so much that there isn't a box to cover up/carry out Sir Percy's wild ideas. 

Cedric is certainly the one with the knightly attitude and bravery, which is clear in Damsel Disaster when there's a princess with almost more attitude than my cat - that's saying something! It was perhaps my favourite of the books because it had such a strong female character - the ones seen in book 1 were more of the simpering kind. Wearing a dress was the least of Cedric's problems, as was getting a message to a particular person in Feast Fight...which saw Cedric tracking down the most unlikely thief ever.

Both books made me smile on every page. Sometimes there was the occasional boy humour joke (my term) which made me go gross rather than laugh. I like the suggestion on the back cover to go to a particular page - I did this first, before reading the books through and spent all the previous pages wondering how events built up to that particular page. I hope that there will be plenty more books in this super fun series whose stories had brought a huge grin to this reader's face. 

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Suggested read
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