Friday, 8 August 2014

Nayu's News #139 All sorts of stuff!

Thought this matched the content of today's post rather nicely ^o^

  This week has gone well. Work is quiet as people are on holiday or off sick – I’m hoping those colleagues will get better soon and not share on their germs. I’m quite busy as there is plenty to do, and I’m fully enjoying the peace to get on with it without frequent interruptions or being needed to help someone with something. Don’t get me wrong, I love helping people do battle with the photocopier and the like, but I also like being able to do a task in one sitting. That’s just me ^o^

Instead of doing what I wanted Tuesday after work (crochet & catching up with tv, or reading, and most definitely blogging), I ignored it all and simply watched anime. 
I was super tired
 I tried Avatar the Last Airbender, and had forgotten how funny it was. Will try and keep it a regular show to watch. I got to the 3rd series the last time I watched it – this time I want to complete it and maybe begin watching The Legend of Korra, which is the latest incarnation of the Avatar (who is a girl!). However, Airbender is great because of Katara, who can use water (they call using ‘magic’ bending, and it’s all elemental), who wears awesome clothes and has cute braided hairstyles. She is one tough cookie, with a real soft and caring side.  
Katara is an awesome protagonist!

What else...oh, writing it coming along nicely! I find that watching super upbeat anime, the ones I watch online (Aikatsu, Pretty Rhythm etc) gets Muse in the mood and, when she stops sulking (which is only when she gets to play with me) she’s not half bad at what she does. 
Sulking Muse sometimes looks like this.
I’m further in my wip than I have been in a while. I’m at the tweaking stage, which does involve a bit of rewriting because there are parts where Muse denies all knowledge of writing the incoherent sentences, says I must have done it in my sleep because it’s a bit rough. The characters are coming into their own which is pleasing to see. I’ll worry about what my betas think of it when I get to hand it to them!

Most of my games are on my tablet
Gaming...definitely doing a lot of that at the moment. Found a new one, Monument Valley (for some reason I was convinced the title was Mounted Valley...) which is a bit weird but is extremely clever. I turn off the haunting music & sound effects, that’s a bit too weird for me. I love how the impossible routes become possible...apart from level 6 or 7 which is what I’m stuck on now. Seriously stuck. 
This isn't the part I'm stuck on, but it shows the kind of graphics the game uses
Going to leave it a few days before trying again, hoping that I get inspiration somehow. Want to get back to playstation gaming on days off, so hope to do that this weekend.

Little beats catching up on news!
Saw family from Tobago yesterday afternoon which always is great as I only see them once a year. Seeing other family who we reconnected with after my Grandad died on Sunday, so resting both Saturday & Monday as that’s an all day thing.

Praying hard God will grant me a miracle with my plant...
 The African violet my cat puked on hasn’t flowered at all. Two leaves went yucky. I’m going to give it a few more weeks, but I think I’ll have to get another. Plants and puke don’t mix well.

Still seems odd not to be in Ramadan. Having heaps of fun still catching up with anime, playing Winx games (so so SO awesome!). Still making listening to the Quran a regular feature each day, just not for as long a time. It's my daily pick me up!
What's yours?

I hope you can spend some time relaxing this weekend, are able to get a bit of calm and reflection in your daily life, and have lots of fun! 

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