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A Knight's Tale #1 Getting By by Claudia Burgoa (New Adult, 8/10E, semi short 'n' sweet review)

February 2014, Createspace, 306 pages, Ebook, Review copy

Summary from Claudia's website
When Emma Anderson arrived at San Francisco International Airport, she regretted accepting the distinction of being the maid of honor to Gaby’s—her childhood friend—wedding. It had been years since the last time she set foot in Menlo Park, where her parents had been killed. The rug where she had been shoving her feelings since that day looked bumpier than a camel’s hump. Who could blame her; if she hadn’t been selfish they’d still be around. Ever since that fateful day, Emma has been perfecting the knack of Getting By.
Cade’s wedding in Menlo Park—a city close to San Francisco—might be the perfect place for Jake Knight to shake the memories of his ex, Emma Anderson for good. Single, available women galore for an entire week was the perfect medication, one he intended to take three times a day for an entire week to return to his player days. It was a plan the former spy thought flawless until he came face to face with the maid of honor. Jake’s perfect retreat turns into a flight, fight or hide week of celebrations.
Nayu's thoughts
I'm still relatively new to the New Adult genre, but Claudia has created an interesting series. From the summary alone I was pretty hooked. Emma has some severe emotional baggage, which combined with what ends up being more dangerous than she expected pre-wedding events kept me turning the pages as fast as I could read them. The humour was always well timed, taking the edge off a few seriously nasty moments where I found breathing a bit tricky. I'm a huge fan of books with family values at their heart, which earns Emma's story a place on my shelf.

Now, you may be wondering about the grade. I think it might have been more a case of what mood I was in when I read the book, rather than there actually being anything 'bad'. I did get a bit frustrated at how poor the communication between some of the characters was, but again I think that was more me than the book itself.
Find out more (including info on A Knight's Tale #2!!!) on Claudia's website.

Suggested read
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