Friday, 18 July 2014

Nayu's News #135 Ramadan 2014 Post 3

What's this post about? Hmm....
I'm a little out of ideas as I'm typing this at the end of the day after working and my brain is - to use a phrase from a friend - a little melty. 
Not so melty that I can't find cute pics to post!

Be sure to check out this year's previous Ramadan posts, Post 1 is about my main goal of this year's Ramadan, while Post 2 is about nature and water. 
Growing things is fun!

This week, I've put into practice taking it easy because I'd had my ketamine dose at the weekend. I've been splitting up errands so they don't all fall on one day (a big no-no). 
Taking it slow is the way to go! (Not that this cute chibi has much to do with the topic being discussed...)

For example, last night instead of watching new to me anime episodes of Jewelpet Tinkle
Oh so cute magical girl anime!
I watched A Little Princess/Princesse Sara (French version) because I've seen it before and didn't have to think too hard. 
Japanese promotional poster

I'm doing a crochet baby blanket, so doing something for someone else at the same time which is a good deed. 
Making things is so much fun! I love doing it ^o^
I'm pretty sure I looked at good deeds more in last year's 4th Ramadan post, which I'll link to next week. Last year's 3rd Ramadan post was about tying your camel and being like a bird - I promise I haven't gone crazy! Be sure to check out what it all means, and see if you can apply it to your life.
I promise I'm resting!!!

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Stephanie@Fairday's Blog said...

You put together quite a post for being tired! Glad you are taking it slow and breaking up your errands. I am happy you are enjoying crocheting for someone else. :)

Thanks for sharing.