Saturday, 5 July 2014

Nayu's News #133 Been busy reading, will be busy relaxing!

"Hi there!"
 ...I'd hoped to have a book review to put up for you, but I grossly misjudged how long it takes to read & make review notes for 1 picture book. Times that by 16 and you have how I spent my morning today. A picture book is quicker to read than most other books but still takes the same time to review as other books.
Since I'm being good and taking things easier, I'm not going to keep going and blog until I've got my posts for the week up past lunch. I'm finishing off my final book (which is a book set), then shutting down my laptop and heading for some anime fun! 
Did you honestly think I wouldn't include an anime pic in a post during Ramadan? Think again!!
At the moment I'm getting into the Jewelpet series. The first season is Jewelpet. The second is Jewelpet Tinkle/Twinkle. I'd only been able to find the 2nd series, but suddenly found the first so currently watching that. It isn't as cute as the second series, and is almost a different story with a few main characters staying the same but I still want to watch it so I have a background of what goes on in each anime series. Maybe it will get cuter...the graphics aren't as cute and fluffy a watch as the second one. Oh well! It's anime, which I need to see in order to get my Muse in the mood for some editing later on today. 
"Whoohoo!" says an undorky Muse

"Calm down, Muse! Rest must come first. Then we can play together."
"Oh. You promise you'll play with me today?"
"I promise! We're best friends, you and I."

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