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Double Peppa Pig Review! Peppa Pig: My Daddy & Peppa Pig: The Big Tale of Little Peppa (Children's, Picture book, 10E/10E, semi short 'n' sweet review)

May 2011, Ladybird, 16 pages, Board book, Review copy

Summary from Ladybird
This adorable book is brought to you by the best-loved characters from the number one award-winning preschool children's TV show on Channel 5 and Nickelodeon - Peppa Pig! The perfect present for Daddy Pig's and children everywhere, this cute book talks about how much Peppa and George love their daddy, with all his little quirks.

Nayuleska's thoughts  
I’m a little late in reviewing this as the book was out around Father’s Day, but loving your father/fatherly guy in your life can be a permanent state. Peppa chats about why she loves Daddy Pig, what he does for her, what he is and isn’t good at. The illustrations made me smile and laugh at Daddy Pig’s habits which sometimes he wanted to portray a certain way but in reality his capabilities aren’t as great as he’d like. The one thing which is guaranteed is how much he loves Peppa and his family.

For most readers this is true to life. For those which sadly don’t have a father/fatherly guy in their life, this might be a little hard to read, but they can imagine what it would be like to have someone like Peppa’s Daddy Pig. 

3rd July 2014, Ladybird, 32 pages, Hardback, Review copy 

Summary from press release
 To celebrate Ten Years of Muddy Puddles, Ladybird is publishing this fabulous new storybook that is based on the best-loved characters from Entertainment One’s award-winning preschool TV show - Peppa Pig!  Perfectly pitched for preschoolers with an early childhood theme that will appeal to all fans of the popular show, who will be keen to know what they were like as babies too!  A wonderful opportunity to spark discussion and share precious memories.
Peppa just can't imagine being a little baby. But when Suzy Sheep arrives with a picture from the olden days, Peppa wonders what she was like before she grew big and clever! She soon finds out that little Peppa laughed, cried and played with her best friend Suzy Sheep, but her favourite thing to do was... jump in muddy puddles! This new picture book will delight every Peppa fan and is the perfect book to share at bedtime.
Nayuleska's thoughts
I’ve only discovered Peppa in the last year, but as a Peppa fan I’m eager to help spread the Peppa love for this anniversary year. It seems appropriate that the latest book is Peppa discovering she was once a baby.

 Before I read this I never thought in depth about where children think they come from, not having any of my own or caring for any that much. It was quite bizarre realising that they, like Peppa, might not think they were ever a baby. To my adult self it’s obvious, as is where babies come from. But thinking like a child, it isn’t logical.

Peppa is unable to figure out that the baby in the picture is really her, because it’s so different from how she is now.  She learns about what she did when she was a baby, and finds one thing which she still enjoys doing. Peppa’s story is a great way for children to discover where they are from – I laughed a lot when Daddy Pig said his tummy was all muscle...hmmm, methinks he is telling a fib!

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