Sunday, 29 June 2014

News!! 5th July Independent Book Sellers Week 2014 Bookshop Crawl!

Nayu: *grins* This sounds like my type of crawl, only I won't have energy to attend it. I do have enough energy to shout about it, so please do take part if you can! Here's the all important details which I've been allowed to copy and paste here ^o^ 

[Come} take part in an exciting event taking place during this year’s Independent Booksellers Week: The IBW Bookshop Crawl. Taking place on Saturday 5th July, it is aimed at bloggers, booktubers and vloggers across the UK. It’s great that you want to get involved - and have a stab at winning the fantastic prize.

The challenge is to visit as many independent bookshops as possible throughout the day and blog or post a video about the experience for the chance to win. Whether you are a bookshop lover, an avid reader, an advocate for the High Street, or, more simply, just enjoy a good challenge, this is a brilliant way to spend a sunny Saturday, get involved in IBW, and have a chat with your local bookseller. 

How the IBW Bookshop Crawl will work:

In order to qualify for the prize, the blog or video post must be posted by 11:59pm on Sunday 6th July. Once posted, the link to the video or blog post must be sent to

Independent booksellers across the country will be equipped with IBW Bookshop Crawl stickers, designed specifically to hand out to participants.  To find out which participating bookshops are near you, the Booksellers Association has the full list on their website here.

The competition will be judged on:

1)      The number of bookshops visited, detailed in the post and proved by video evidence or selfies with the stickers
2)      The quality of blog post submitted (giving all participants an equal chance of winning, regardless of how many bookshops are in your area)

The Prizes

This year’s fantastic prize includes the complete Adult and Children’s IBW Book Award shortlist (full list below), National Book Tokens worth £50, and a digital banner designed specifically for the winner.

On top of this, all those who take part will be sent a participants banner after the crawl. It will work on all social media platforms and we are happy to tailor it to a particular size and any youtube channel / blog requirements.

Please feel free to download the banner copied below to post on your blog / youtube channel, which has been specifically designed for all those who wish to participate. It is also available to download from

More information and updates about the crawl itself will be posted on, and the hashtag for the crawl will be #bookshopcrawl.

Nayu: Me again! I can't add this lovely book crawl button to my blog, but you can ^o^ Let me know if you take part! 

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