Saturday, 21 June 2014

Nayu's News #131 Hellos, Goodbyes & Furbabies

First of all, hope you are all doing well. Apologies for the complete lack of Nayu's News posts over the last week and a bit. I've sort of been busy...
"Sigh. Here I am again."
...I've sort of been ill, but it's not a virus. My body thinks that hayfever (pollen/grass etc allergies) is a virus that must be attacked, so that's how I feel with it. It's been particularly strong so I've been under the weather and resting as much as possible. Okay, so probably a little less than I should have, but hey, I'm working on that!
I'm doing more of this (except it's crochet not knitting - I do have a heated blanket (yes in summer, thanks to my health condition, I'm a cold person unless it's over 25'C) and a cat sleeping on said blanket with me while I crochet.)
"Night should be for sleeping..."
 Also I'm going through a patch of having sleeping issues. This crops up every now and then and isn't fun. I mean, waking up after 2-3 hours of sleep and feeling wide awake then crashing for the rest of the day is a bit challenging if I have to go to work/go out. I try to stay up when I wake up because if I do manage to doze back off it puts me out of kilter for the entire day, more than if I just stay awake. Once upon a time I was unable to function without 5-6 hours sleep. Now, well, 4 hours can be the norm for a few nights in a row. I am being good (mostly) when I wake up, and if it's a work day I don't necessarily read anything, I watch shows instead which is the most passive thing I can do.
I do this, only inside, in the dark & lying down
Non-work days, I may read, get up a bit early to start chores while I'm still half awake, game, etc.

As Akari in the anime Aria the Origination finds out, discovering you have to say goodbye to someone you care about is frequently emotional.
Some of you will have seen tweets over the past week as well as my picture status on this blog that I've had a bit of sad-ish news. Well, that's part of the goodbye (for now) part of this post. A dear friend is heading back to her native country Malaysia for at least 2 years. As seems to be happening more often, unfortunately her husband won't initially be able to join her. There's the potential for him to do so in the future, but that's a work in progress.
Ideally families should be together, but life isn't always that simple.
I don't get to see her a lot because of my health, but she means a lot to me. Not being able to see her in person for a few years will be hard (I really don't travel well these days so going over, for now, is out of the question). However, I know that God's plan is the right one. There's a reason why she's going out there. Her 2 teens will have an amazing experience - yes they speak the language of where they are going, and will be attending an international school. It was a bit of a shock when I heard the news last week, but I've had time to mull it over now so I'm acclimatising.
The future has endless possibilites, we can't try and predict any of them!

Swiftly moving on to the easier part of this post is the hello! After years of texting an insane amount each day, I finally met up with a dear friend who I met through blogging, although she is now a retired blogger. We get on so well because we have health issues which cross over with some of the sympstoms, so it's very easy to relate about being so tired all the time, having sleep issues, appointments, medication, headaches etc. We are both into the same games (which I've been playing much more of recently),
Gaming fans!
 and adore furbabies (animals)

I have a cat and 2 birds. The rest of my furbabies are either virtual...

...or belong to my large soft toy collection!

My friend has more than one cute bunny, along with hamsters & gerbils!
 - we have a lot in common!
Like these girls who are wearing similar dresses while out shopping.

We exchanged some food (tasty cookies & brownies!) as well as swapped puzzles and books galore. We did have to hurriedly shut the boot so her dad wouldn't see how much I lent her until they got home. 
"Yay! He didn't see us!"
 What? 40 books was conservative considering I was originally giving her double that, until I realised that this wouldn't be the only time we met. Next time (whenever that is) I'm hoping to go see all her furbabies which include bunnies!
It's no surprise that I adore the anime Jewel Pet Tinkle which has a bunny character (& other cute critters)

Me, the only bunny I have is on Littlest Pet Shop game, but for now that's enough. At the time of writing this post (Thursday) I'm off work today to recuperate from that, going out tomorrow to stay with the friend going back to Malaysia - it's all go here!
"Catch me if you can!"

It's worked out well that I've been able to pre-schedule a load of reviews. I'm trying to stay on top of that to make it easier for me, and so far it's doable. Right, I need to go read a book (really), send an email, and rest!

"Bye for now!"

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