Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Mermaid, Inc. by Caroline Mickelson (Romance, Romantic comedy, 8/10E)

April 2014, Bon Accord Press, 106 pages, Ebook, Library copy

Themes: housekeeping, mermaid curse, talking bird, whaling issues, mermaids

Content: Some suggestive language, some moderate romance

Summary from Caroline's website
Adamantly opposed to commercial whaling, Miranda happily trades her fin for human legs when she’s given the opportunity to work as a maid for a man in charge of public relations for a large Japanese whaling firm. Miranda soon finds out that she loves pedicures, favors bikinis over clamshells, and that she’s a natural disaster when it comes to human housework. There’s so much about the human world she doesn’t understand. Why does Justin Lockheed, her handsome boss, make her heart race and her knees weak? And just what is she supposed to do when it comes time to choose between advancing her cause and destroying his career?

Nayuleska's thoughts
I was in a mermaid mood, so even though I wasn't entirely in love with the front cover I wanted to give Miranda's tale a shot. While it was a little predictable in places, with almost stereotype romantic situations, and an ending that was in my view a bit too easy, I loved Miranda. Apart from needing to wear more clothes, Miranda was refreshing because she was completely fascinated with being a human. The way he interpreted simple tasks such as laundry made me laugh when Justin found his clothes strewn across his garden, and Miranda wanting a hose. Her idea of dinner is equally hilarious. She is highly intelligent, being pretty much a spy on an important mission brings out her oceanographic knowledge which impresses Justin.

Now I'm not one for romance (honest! I like the themes in the books) but I was a bit sad when Miranda got tricked away from Justin-she truly enjoyed being on land and being with him. To be separated from the experiences -okay and person- that she loved sucked a lot. I had no idea how the end would pan out, so I was rather pleased to see the happy ever after!

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Suggested read
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