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Irish Cream Dreams by Graylin Rane (Paranormal romance, 8/10E)

Sadly not chocolate milk which I'm pretending it is (because I can!) rather than Irish cream drink
March 2014, Amazon Media EU S.a.r.l, Novella, Ebook, Review copy

Themes: magic, chocolate, friendship, learning to trust again, finding your place in life
Content: frequent and fairly graphic adult relations

Summary from Graylin's website
Mary Elizabeth owns an irish pub on the beach in South Florida. Picked by Eros to receive a sculpted chocolate man of her dreams, will she be able to give herself up to a stranger? Can she accept this Irish Liqueur Chocolate fantasy as her ever after?

Nayuleska's thoughts
I can see some of you asking why there's no cover . Graylin knows and understands it was a bit too adult for me to put it up here on NRC.

This book has recently been revised. Graylin was sorting stuff out with another book, and she very kindly took on my thoughts which I can't put here without spoilers and added a bit more to the book. 

Here is my original review which rated at 5/10E.  
I gleefully skipped the blushables in this second book of the series, but I didn't love it as much as I had book one. For me there didn't feel much of a struggle for Mary, things just happened, unlike Viviana who is burned and then some. I guess it may depend what you read this series for. Judging by the amount of pages I skipped there are lots of strong romance scenes, which some may like.

And here's what I think of the new version which advanced in grade by 3 points.
I think that in addition to the changes I was in a more receptive mood this time round. Mary's emotional relationship struggle was clear to see. After being almost killed by her last boyfriend, which gets talked about in detail,  it's hardly surprising that she has a small freak out with her new one. I really liked how she had a separate house that was a secret to all except those she really trusted. It made a nice change that she wasn't super skinny too! She was human, just like most of us are.

Me, I'm waiting patiently (ok, trying to) for book 3 which Graylin reckons I'll like. As a fangirl (and even if I wasn't one) I trust her judgement. Here's to White Chocolate Cherry coming out this summer! Edited to add I wrote the notes for this review a while ago (yes I'm that behind on some review scheduling), so I can review White Chocolate Cherry tomorrow - yay!)

Find out more on Graylin's website.

Suggested read
Definitely check out where and how the magic begins in book 1, Tastes Like Chocolate (Paranormal romance, 9/10E)

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