Thursday, 29 May 2014

The Delicious Chocolate Sticker Book (Children's, Sticker book, Activity book, 7 years +, 10E/10E)

April 2014, Buster Books, 34 pages, Paperback, Review copy

Themes: different types of chocolate, ice cream, cookies, cake pops, animals, decorating chocolate, chocolate fountain, holiday themed chocolate,
Content: Such sweet looking treats!

Summary from Buster Books
This yummy book is sure to tempt anyone's sweet tooth. There are pages of delicious chocolatey treats to complete with stickers. With cakes and cookies, sundaes, pastries, chocolate fountains and lots more scrumptious desserts to decorate, it's a chocoholic's dream. Jam-packed with more than 600 gorgeous stickers to mix and match, kids will love to customize these chocolate creations.

Nayuleska's thoughts
The only thing that could top this book would be to have the same chocolates in front of me. Yes, this book made me want chocolate. However, it was also a good distraction from when I wanted chocolate but I had already had some so was trying to refrain for the day/hour/minute. I didn't count how many hours it took me to finish this, but it took a few and I kept going back to stare at the yummy looking pages some more.

There are heaps of stickers of various sizes to suit the theme of the page. They are easy to get off the sticker sheet, and quite happy to be moved about the page if where you put them originally is no longer the ideal spot.  I'll say which was my favourite for each section, and my repeatedly favourite chocolate was a famous brand of kisses ^o^ xx

A Chocolate Shop- I put chocolate covered marshmallows on top of bars of chocolate, as well as fell in love with the cute bags of sweets tied with ribbon.

Tasty Truffles - I liked the bright pink truffle with a chocolate swirl on top and turquoise stars. 

Winter Warmers -I could have drunk every single mug of steaming hot chocolate with cream and other yummy decorations.

A Fabulous Fountain - I've never ever used one of these chocolate fountains and would so love to. Maybe I can do it when I get published...

Knickerbocker Glorious - having more than 1 of my favourite foods in the same book is superb! Probably best not to have hot chocolate and a sundae together, as it might end up like gloop.

Tasty Tiers - tiered cakes fit for any grand occasion. The white chocolate cake pops with sprinkles caught my fancy.

Chocs Away - 3 stunning slabs to decorate with fruit slices, candy, and more chocolate.

Pop-tastic - cake pop mania had me eyeing up the ice blue swirly cake pop which made me think of fondant fancies.

Chocolate Decorations - these were exactly as stated for two Christmas trees. I adored the cute gingerbread houses which each had a different colour door.

Cuddly Chocolates - animal characters got a makeover because I kept sticking ribbon by their ears...I think I may have been 'supposed' to put them beside the animals, but with sticker books there are no rules!

There were 3 extra pages full sweet treats for the reader to colour in themselves, not a hard task given the colour combinations on previous pages are probably firmly in the reader's mind.

Suggested read
Definitely have more sticker fun in The Cupcake Sticker Book which is on my review pile

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