Friday, 2 May 2014

Nayu's News #124 My current reading action plan and anime!I

Hi everyone!
Reviews will be here tomorrow, promise! Been a busy day, so this is a quick post. I've got a backlog of books which is mostly exciting as there are so many fun ones, and a teensy bit daunting because I do need to catch up with them so there's a little pressure there. However, I'm not stressing because it's been a hectic few weeks with my grandfather dying and the funeral being this Tuesday. I'm only just starting to get my reading mojo back, which is amazing and I'm thrilled to have it back but I've got to be careful not to overdo it. Hopefully I'll get a balance sorted soon. 
Here's Sora from the anime Aikatsu in the constellation Libra (balance) outfit - nice and colourful!

With this backlog of reading, I'm unofficially doing my utmost to only request books that look amazing for the whole month of May, just so I can catch up with the rest. I do forget that I actually read pretty fast, so in theory I'll speed on ahead quite quickly. 
Can't beat a good book with a cup of herbal tea!

Muse is a bit sulky because I haven't had much time for her, but again I hope to rectify that from tomorrow. 
I find Muse's moods rather funny!

Although I can't do loads tomorrow both blog wise and writing wise because I'm having lunch with a good friend, so I need to save my energy for that.
No idea what we'll be eating yet, but it won't be eggs!

Right, time to send off 1 email, send one DM on Twitter and then it's some crochet to Waterloo Road & anime before bed - yay! 
Eager to watch the next episode of Pretty Rhythm Aurora Dream anime because it's the tiara cup where Aira shines! I love how she goes for a blue wedding dress, rather than the generic white. It's a cute outfit (& would be even better if it wasn't strapless & was either ankle length or had cute trousers...but that's just my modest clothing ideals ^o^)

Have a fab eve!

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